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Diy Dog Crate Cover Pattern Ideas

Diy Dog Crate Cover Pattern Ideas. Btw the pup is mochi_ball on instagram if you want to follow her 🙂 #maltese #shihtzu #puppy #dog #malshi. It was really easy, though.

How to make a Dog Crate Cover! Waverize It! Diy dog from

A dog crate cover beautifies your home and adds an extra layer of coziness for your fur baby. For many pet owners, a dog crate is an essential item but it lacks aesthetic appeal. So i decided to diy two birds with one stone!

I Would Build A Removable Wooden Cover For The Crate So It Could Take The Place Of An End Table.

First, pin the pieces together inside out. Lay the top piece on the crate (wrong side up) and pin the sides to the top piece (also wrong side up) so that they hang down in place. There’s no tutorial to help you along with this idea, but again, if you’re someone who is quite crafty.

You Would Need 2 Pieces Of Fabric 36.5″X25.5″ And 3 Pieces Of Fabric 26.5″X 28.75″.

We had to rearrange the furniture and everything felt crowded. Btw the pup is mochi_ball on instagram if you want to follow her 🙂 #maltese #shihtzu #puppy #dog #malshi. If you have a larger breed dog, you could potentially work two pallets together to create a larger crate with little expense.

You Can't Really Hide A Large Crate, So There It Is, In All It's Glory, Right In There In My Living Space.

Here’s where you see how easy it is to make a dog crate cover! Tap these genius ideas for camouflaging ugly air vents, television cords, and more. It was really easy, though.

Then Cut An Angled Opening At Each Corner.

In warmer climates you can make the back piece of your crate cover roll up like the front piece for better ventilation. I like for my dog to be able to see out of the crate when it is closed. Drape the curtain (or sheet if you have a larger crate) over the crate.

Sew Or Glue The Side Panels To The Top Piece And The Back Panel.

Diy dog crate table topper. Maybe you can't hide it, but you can try to make it pretty. Use a bit of creativity to make sure the cone of shame is practical and comfortable for your dog.

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