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How To Adjust Watch Band Fossil Ideas

How To Adjust Watch Band Fossil Ideas. Sliding the clasp up will tighten the watch on your wrist, while sliding it down the strap will loosen the strap. This is the number of links to remove from the watch band.

Women's Fossil Round Watch & Interchangeable from

Place the band flat on the cloth, front side up. A screw pin link consists of a screw that holds the pin in place. Lift the bar in the direction facing away from the straight pin.

Lay The Watch Band Flat And Locate The Clasp Lever.

Then align a small brad (i used a 1″) with the stub of the pin sticking out, and rap it lightly with a hammer as shown: Therefore, we have compiled a collection of articles to help you learn how to adjust your metal watch band to make sure it fits you perfectly. If you have a metal watch band, it may be attached with a spring bar and be replaced in much the same way as a leather or fabric band.

All Fossil Watch Straps Are Interchangeable.

If you do not see instructions for your watch movement, please contact customer care with the style number of your watch (located on the back of the watch, e.g. This video is to the point, very ez to following, and has great explainat. If you need to make any adjustments, open the watch by either pulling up on the buckle or pressing the buttons on the buckle, depending on your watch type.

The Link You Choose To Remove Will Be Attached To Another Link On Each Side By A Thin Metal Pin Or, In Some Cases, A Screw.

The arrow's direction indicates which way to push the pin to slide it out of the link. How to adjust watch band fossil. You can now slide the clasp up or down the mesh strap to adjust it to your size.

To Adjust Your Watch Band, First Put Your Watch On And Squeeze The Links Together Around The Clasp To Count How Many Links You Need To Remove.

This video shows how to adjust the size of a watch band by removing extra links. Use the hammer to tap the pin into place. Most metal watch bands come in one of just a few standard lengths, and since people come in all different shapes and sizes it is likely that your metal watch band will be too long when you first get it.

Sliding The Clasp Up Will Tighten The Watch On Your Wrist, While Sliding It Down The Strap Will Loosen The Strap.

A screw pin link consists of a screw that holds the pin in place. Insert a pin into the hole on the edge of the band. These are inexpensive and widely available online, and they usually include a watch band holder, a pin punch tool and a small hammer.

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