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How To Clean Tranquility Weighted Blanket References

How To Clean Tranquility Weighted Blanket References. Gently squeeze the water through the fabric. The tranquility antimicrobial washable cover for weighted blankets is a great addition to your weighted blanket.

Tranquility 12lb. Weighted Blanket from

First, check the care tag for any drying instructions that might be helpful. Make sure that the entire blanket is submerged. Lower the blanket into the water and detergent solution.

This Weighted Blanket Comes With A Cooling, Washable Cover.

You can also wash a weighted blanket by hand in a tub using a mild detergent. Lastly, take some time to carefully wring any excess water out of your blanket. Fabric softener and bleach can also adversely affect the fillers in a weighted blanket, causing them to break down or clump together.

Gently Squeeze The Water Through The Fabric.

The tranquility antimicrobial washable cover for weighted blankets is a great addition to your weighted blanket. The biggest thing to remember in this case is to let the soap and water soak completely into the fabric. For tips on how to hand wash a weighted blanket, read on!

So, You Can Keep Your Weighted Blanket Clean By Regularly Washing Your Blanket Cover.

A tranquility™ weighted blanket is a great partner for those who have trouble sleeping, including those with anxiety, autism, adhd or ptsd, those who want to destress at the end of long. Includes one (1) weighted blanket and one (1) removable cover. Tranquility™ is the #1 selling weighted blanket brand.

Tranquility Weighted Blankets Are Designed To Help Adults And Children Relax, So They Can Rest, Recharge, Or Sleep More Comfortably.

Stop the cycle and fluff up the weighted blanket periodically to make sure it dries evenly. Don’t put a weighted blanket over a child that cannot remove it themselves. Depending on your washing machine’s weight limit, you may consider bringing the blanket to a commercial washing center instead.

Washing A Weighted Blanket In A Diluted Bleach Will Shorten The Lifespan Of The Blanket, Causing It To Wear Out Faster.

Refill the tub with cool fresh water. Depending on size and weather conditions, a weighted blanket could take up to 24 or so to hang dry. To make caring for your weighted blanket as simple as possible, we’ve created this super detailed guide that covers everything you need to know about cleaning weighted blankets.

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