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How To Light Pilot Light On Superior Gas Fireplace References

How To Light Pilot Light On Superior Gas Fireplace References. You must keep your pilot light on a low setting when you first turn it on. How to clean a pilot light on gas fireplace step 1:

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Our own gas fireplace insert is an older model and the pilot light is the standing flame type rather than the intermittent pilot ignition found often found. Learn how to use the piezo igniter on your regency gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert to light your pilot.identify if your unit has a face plate instead o. A spark is required to start the fire.

A Gas Fireplace Uses Natural Gas, As Opposed To Wood, To Maintain A Flame.

To ignite the pilot light, press your finger into the center of the control knob and hold it in place. Here’s how to light a gas fireplace with a control panel. Read the user’s guide carefully.

If Power Is Actively Supplied To Your Fireplace, Simply Turn The On/Off.

Ensure the gas is turned on to allow gas to the fireplace. A gas fireplace pilot light, which can also be referred to as just the pilot in a gas fireplace, is an important part of gas fireplace design and essential for helping gas fireplace flames to start quickly and efficiently. The sensors should be like “wrapped” by the flame the distance between two elements is usually near 1 inch, so this is how big should pilot light be on gas fireplace.

Locate The Control Panel On The Fireplace And Open It.

How to light pilot light on superior gas fireplace. You must keep your pilot light on a low setting when you first turn it on. Turn the control knob to a pilot position.

The Pilot Knob Should Have The Options “Off,” “Pilot” And, In Some Models, “On.”.

Tap the switch until the pilot light ignites. How to light the pilot on a gas fireplace gas fireplace. I have a superior model bbv42rmn gas fireplace.

If The Pilot Does Not Light, Wait 5 Minutes And Try Again.

The pilot position is typically set on the control dial with either the dial depressed and turned, or used with a separate spark button to light the pilot flame. If your fireplace’s pilot light is not set the right way, it will produce a whistling sound while working. Turn off the gas and fire switch.

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